Frugal Foodie: Rainbow Lunch Boxes

When building my son’s lunch box, I start with a minimally processed protein – some kind of nut butter, hummus, beans or fish from last night’s meal. Then I decorate the protein with colorful fruits and vegetables. We’re still into finger foods, so considering the “dip” I add multi-colored carrots, red and yellow peppers, cherry tomatoes, sliced purple cabbage, celery or precooked broccoli. Local green and orange melons are in season and taste delicious! I’m experimenting with zucchini and kale chips in my dehydrator, as well as cinnamon-dried apples.

Notice the trend? Vegetables and fruit from in-season foods are not only affordable, but offer the most nutrients to help your child thrive in school. Packaged foods may seem convenient, but they typically cost more and offer few benefits for physical health, academic growth and behavioral wellness.

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