Food and Flexibility.

About to teach a course on how to simplify family nutrition, I find myself challenged to relinquish control over food. The thing is, I know so much, and knowledge is powerful, right?

I have planned meals and pared down our food budget almost to a science. I have arranged meals that diversify high-quality, nutrient-dense foods, which consist of a “rainbow” of fruits and vegetables every day. Our meals vary depending on our activities, wellness/illness, seasons, and so much more! I methodically regulate sugars, processed foods, and meals eaten out – including these foods into our life is strictly to avoid my children’s deprivation (which has its own consequences) and to illustrate flexibility.

The quality of food I eat has helped me remain mentally and physically strong though trauma and mourning. Even my husband is coming to realize the healing nature of food, despite his frustrations with hearing me talk about it all the time…

I have an ideal vision of food intake for myself and for my family. Unfortunately, my ideal does not jive with modern American culture and, sometimes, my beliefs, knowledge and passions sabotage relationships and experiences, even with those who are on the same page…

In reality, if I don’t concede to modern ways or to others’ lack of concern about food quality, we all suffer.

Then again, who am I if I don’t abide by my beliefs and values? My goal is to make a difference by doing what I love. And what I love is offering tidbits about nutrition that can help people thrive, not suffer.

So what’s more powerful than knowledge? Love! My life’s quest and intention is to lovingly share my knowledge of nutrition, and to empower everyone to realize the impact of food choices on wellbeing.