My childhood & food.

My interest in food dates back to my early childhood growing up on a dude ranch in the Frank Church Wilderness. We foraged for berries and mushrooms, fished in the creek and ponds, and made everything from scratch. In high school my family bought a mini-farm, where my dad began cultivating a large organic garden and orchards with native species. Mom helped us learn to cook & preserve. Thanks, mom & dad!

Exploring wellness.

After wreaking havoc on my body during my twenties, I turned my attention both outward and inward, considering the effects of modern agriculture on my body and the environment, and the effects of my mindset on my life and wellness. I became certified in Permaculture & Design in Thailand, completed two yoga teacher trainings in Portland, became a freelance food writer, and began studying science at an Oregon college, just for fun!


The tipping point.

When visiting my sister in the hospital as she battled a rare and aggressive ovarian cancer, I witnessed her team of Western health experts inform her that food would have no beneficial effect on her body or healing process. At that moment, I knew that integrative nutrition was my calling; after almost a decade directing galleries in the fine art world, I started graduate school.


Integrative Nutrition

In 2017, I completed a Master of Science & Nutrition (MSN) from Maryland University of Integrative Health, a partner of The Institute for Functional Medicine. In January 2019, I became a Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS) certificant, a nationally recognized and board approved certification upon completion of 1,000 hours of supervised internship and the passing of a rigorous exam.

Plant kindness and gather love.
— Proverb