Blaine County Food Council.

Upon returning to the Wood River Valley in Idaho in 2013, I sought ways to get involved in our local food community. I began volunteering with The Hunger Coalition on a 2-year project, The Blaine County Community Food Assessment. A group of us wanted to the results of this endeavor to become actionable and move our local food system forward, so we formed Blaine County Food Council. We council members include farmers, producers, policy makers, nutritionists, restauranteurs, educators and mentors within our community and beyond. Our projects support food system economy and resiliency through edible education programming, collaboration, policy and action.


AmeriCorps and Farm to School.

From 2017-2018, I was hired by Blaine County Food Council to research, develop and implement an edible education program for youth in the Wood River Valley. Through many partnerships, champions and a clearer understanding of community need, I created NECTAR & POLLEN, an experiential early care & education program founded in science & nutrition, implementing age-appropriate activities, hands-on cooking skills, and expansion of palette and food experiences. Involving educators, parents and young kids, our goal was to improve healthy eating behaviors, social aptitude and overall wellbeing. This work led to a collaborative grant with Idaho Department of Health and Welfare and University of Idaho to create a Farm to Early Care & Education pilot program in Idaho’s South Central Public Health District.

The Nook Online.

I'm proud to let you know that I have recently joined forces with The Nook Online as a council member offering advice and expertise in my professional area. The Nook Online is a membership-based online community with experiential events and content to support. Today more than ever, it is important for women to use their voice, get in the driver's seat and take meaningful action in their own lives but also feel supported and empowered in doing so. This is a membership-based alliance for like-minded, determined women to connect, uplift and drive each other forward. When you inspire and empower a woman, you empower everyone around them. Empower enough women, you empower a community. Empower enough communities, you change the world. 

We work on ourselves in order to help others, and we also help others in order to work on ourselves.
— Pema Chodron