Family Meal Planning Session

Family life is busy! This 2-hour session is ideal for you who are

  • overwhelmed with diverse nutrient needs,

  • afraid your kids aren’t eating ideal foods for their growing bodies,

  • burdened with picky eating, food sensitivities or allergies,

  • feeling guilty feeding too many processed foods to your kids (while you eat vegetables!),

  • fear that your children are making poor food choices,

  • tired of thinking about what to cook for dinner

  • or frustrated that your kids complain about the meal you lovingly cooked for them.

Y’all, family meal times are TOUGH. I get it. Let me help you

  • determine a family food vision,

  • design a template for simple, nutrient-dense meals,

  • create food rituals,

  • ease the stress of meal planning

  • and enjoy family food experiences again!


Most great experiences in my life involves food. But life is BUSY, and family meals can become a stressful, dreaded CHORE…

Family meals can be amazing! No more picky eaters, nutrient fears or food hypocrisy! You can enjoy cooking - and eating together - again!

This 4-week course is founded upon science and accounting for adequate nutrient needs at different life stages. Rather than focus on nutrients, however, we commit to fostering a healthy relationship with food by creating mealtime guidelines and rituals, expanding food curiosity and appreciation, and improving eating behaviors.

We learn to

  • simplify (and enhance) intake of nutrient-dense, whole foods;

  • budget for time, finances, allergies and preferences;

  • take the guesswork out of meal planning;

  • involve kids in recipe prep while developing their skills and palettes;

  • speak appropriately about food and body image;

  • and, ultimately, reconnect with your family through mindful and joyful food experiences.

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Simplify Family Nutrition

Mindful Meal Planning for Family Wellness.

Stay tuned for the next course offering, or reach out to schedule a personal family wellness session.

Jamie is thoughtful, educated and trustworthy. In her ‘Simplify Family Nutrition’ class, I felt heard and was encouraged to participate actively. I learned that healthy eating is a skill that I need to keep teaching – by offering variety, different food presentations, and model by example, my whole family will improve our eating behaviors.
— GF