photo credit dev khalsa

photo credit dev khalsa

There are many manifestations of adrenal dysfunction, and to each of us, these signs may be unique. If you experience:

  • brain fog, anxiety, mild depression, moodiness, irritability, inability to make decisions, lack of focus;

  • stress, distress, worry, overwhelm;

  • exhaustion, lethargy, increased effort to get going;

  • poor sleep patterns (insomnia, restlessness, awake in middle of the night), waking unrested, afternoon lag;

  • cravings for caffeine, salt, fatty foods;

  • lightheadedness, low blood pressure & body temp; shallow breath;

  • gut dysfunction, increased food sensitivities, cramping, bloating, alternating diarrhea & constipation;

  • constant illness, especially upper respiratory, colds & the flu

  • loneliness, emotional disconnection and/or spiritual distress

Then you’re probably experiencing adrenal exhaustion. Perhaps it’s time for a hormone & lifestyle reset.

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